Miss Trixie Drinks Tea

Lettering and illustrations I created as part of the Miss Trixie Drinks Tea brand refresh. Under the creative direction of Vaughan from The Duck's Guts, I designed a revised logo pack and a series of sticker designs which appear across the new branding and collateral. I also got to be in the photoshoot hahaha. Big thanks to Vaughan and Alice for bringing me on and feeding me cake.

Art Direction / Design: Vaughan Cornell
Photography: Griffin Simm

A pink script logo which reads Miss Trixie Drinks Tea.A photo showing three women and a man, surrounded by balloons and colourful cakes. Everyone is happy!
A GIF showing my initial lettering explorations. About 15 different styles, which all say Miss Trixie Drinks Tea.
A GIF of some of the early lettering style explorations.
A GIF showing the original logo, morphing into the final sketch of the new logo, morphing into the final vectored logo.
A GIF showing the process from original logo, to final sketch, to final vector.
A selection of very pink sticker designs, including illustrations of a cake, a whisk, a rolling pin and a teapot.
A photo of me in a yellow shirt, looking happy, with a slice of cake in my hand.
A circular sticker that says A-Dough-Able, next to an illustration of a fancy cookie.
A GIF showing four stickers appearing, from left to right. Includes phrases like Piped to Perfection, I Will Never Dessert You, and Let Them Eat Cake.
A heart shaped sticker that says Cake Care of Me, next to an illustration of a slice of cake.
An illustration of Alice from Miss Trixie, smiling. Around her head it says Thank You For Supporting my Small Business.
A pink script logo which reads Miss Trixie.
Stationery designed by Vaughan Cornell.
A circular sticker that says I Can't Cake My Eyes Off You, surrounded by hearts.
A GIF of me holding a cake, doing body rolls.
Good! Goooooood.