Mintlodica "Magic Girl" Artwork

Artwork I created for Mintlodica's limited edition "Magic Girl Third Year Anniversary" keycap set. The artwork is mix of lettering and illustration, in the key of Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and other magic girls. It was included as part of the packaging, and as a print with the keycap set. Thanks to Susan for bringing me onboard :v)

Lettering art that reads Magic Girl Third Year Anniversary, in swirly, serif-y type. Third Year Anniversary sits in a ribbon, which is attached to a gold, winged staff with a gemstone. There are lots of sparkles and clouds throughout. It's purple and blue and green, on a white background.My Magic Girl artwork, printed on the cardboard box that Mintlodica send the keycaps in.
An early sketch. Magic Girl is written using illustrated branches, with flowers, leaves and mushrooms all growing of it. It's in a script style. A staff sits on the right, with a ribbon and heart at the top. A banner wraps around it, which has Third Year Anniversary written in it.An early sketch. Magic Girl is written on a straight baselines, in a condensed serif style. Parts of it have been redrawn to be wing-like. Bows and ribbons sit above, below and in the middle. The I in Magic connects to the L in Girl, and together, they form a magic staff, with a heart on top. Third Year Anniversary is written in the ribbon in the middle.
Two early sketches for the "Magic Girl" artwork.