Editorial Satiricals
A series of twelve covers for fictional publication Magazine Monthly. I started this project as a way to explore new lettering styles, refine my current skillset and create a selection of work that could help me get hired for editorial work. I also used it as a way to make dumb, poorly constructed jokes! Each issue is a parody of your usual magazine cover fair— end of year lists, gift guides, relationship advice, and even my own version of the annual Forbes Rich List.

Have a flick through the twelve covers below;
Issue #1: The New Year Issue
Issue #2: The Relationship Issue
Issue #3: The Business Issue
Issue #4: The Weed Issue
Issue #4: Do You Have Some Weed or Know Someone That Does? I’m Asking For a Friend and I’m Not a Cop lol
Issue #5: The Top 50 Issue
Issue #6: The Sports Issue
Issue #7: The Winter Issue
Issue #8: The Beauty Issue
Issue #8: Spring Fashion Forecast
Issue #9: The Cycling Issue (Photo by Jonny Kennaugh on Unsplash)
Issue #10: The Mitch List Issue
Issue #11: The Holiday Gift Guide Issue
Issue #12: The Year in Review Issue