Branding and web design for Bouffant, a new bakery chain in the Central Coast, NSW. The brief was to create a bright, happy and contemporary identity, which still had an air of high-end quality ("affordable decadence").

To achieve this I created a brand which uses a classic French script style filtered through a millennial pink dream. Paired with the logotype is the Bouffant icon— a girl with the large bouffant hairstyle, but in the shape of a croissant. Together they present a warm, friendly and professional vibe.

Visit the website I created for them here.

Thanks to Lisa and Andrew for bringing me on for this one! Photography by Shan Rose Photography.

During the transition into opening Bouffant (and due to implications from COVID), a temporary "bakery" store was set up. We created a Bouffant-style "Bakery" logo for this, which was used for about a month.