Baked 180 Packaging

New packaging designs created for Baked 180, who were looking for refreshed packaging (plain white boxes with a logo sticker) after updating their logo and store in recent years. I worked with Jenny and the team at Baked 180 to create an expanded colour palette, pattern design and brand graphics, which all come together on the packaging.

The pattern was made using crumpled cupcake wrappers, which created some lovely shapes with their smooth bases and zig-zag tops. The colour palette was chosen by sampling colours from Baked 180's cupcake range— chocolate icing, strawberry swirls and all that! Lastly, the phrases (written by Baked 180) were designed to be bold and vector-y, echoing the logo design and contrasting nicely against the cupcake wrapper pattern.

Thanks to Jenny and the B180 team for bringing me onboard :v) Photography by Taryn from Sundae Studio.