Amanda Alessi Photography

In mid-2021, I began working with Amanda Alessi Photography on her rebrand— taking it from safe and traditional into something more interesting and uniquely Amanda. We really wanted to capture her happy and loving energy, her professionalism and her personal approach to each client she photographs.

Working with Amanda and ace copywriter Alyce, we developed a new brand identity, full of colour, clever copywriting and non-traditional wedding vibes. We also created a set of illustrations based on Amanda's favourite love-y imagery, which were then used to form a tissue paper pattern.

Below you can see some examples of how it all turned out, although I think the best example is her website, which we also worked on together. Yuge thanks to Amanda for getting me involved on such a fun project!

Note: to avoid using actual couples photographs on my silly little website, I've swapped one photo out for a picture of a cat I took (tbf it's a good cat). To enjoy Amanda's photoaphy work, please visit her site!