Schoolyard Snacks

Lettering, packaging and (re)branding design for Schoolyard Snacks, a health-forward, retro-inspired snack company based in the US. In early 2020, they made moves to rebrand from The Cereal School to Schoolyard Snacks to match their growing product line.

This project gave me the opportunity to reflect on my original The Cereal School branding, and make improvements across the board to create a better looking, more unified brand. Firstly, I was able to take the logo in a more dynamic direction, moving away from the static, busy feel of the original logo, and drawing the letters on a slant with more upward momentum (and no unnecessary extra lines).

Secondly, I was able to work on developing a more defined illustration style— a mix of hand-drawn elements and late-90s-esque 3D elements, which play together in a quirky way. And finally, I was able to create packaging which can be easily expanded to include new flavours and product types (the old packaging was somewhat limited by custom type requirements and a restrictive layout).

All in all, Schoolyard feels more professional and unified as a brand, capturing the playful, retro vibe better than before. Big thanks to Helen and Dylan for trusting me once again with their precious keto baby!

Visit the new website here. Photos by Allison McAdams.

The new logo, with improved letterforms and layout.
A sample from the new website, showing the 3D, photographer and illustrative elements working together.
Additional brand assets.
Out with the old school, in with the new school.
Additional website elements.
GIFs created for customer emails.
A sample from the website, showing illustrated highlights about the product.
A Thank You postcard for subscribers.