In September 2018 I was contacted by the folks at Croissant about refreshing their old logo. Croissant, an app that connects remote workers with amazing co-working spaces around the world, were keen to move forwards with a new, custom mark that had a bit more professional character. We went through a multitude of variations (included below), starting quite broad, and slowly refining the concept down to the finished wordmark below.

Thanks to Nisha and the team for bringing me onboard.

Final wordmark.
Logo in use on the Croissant website.

Below is some of my process, from hand-drawn ideas in Procreate, to tiny vector adjustments in Illustrator. First I showed my style exploration, starting quite broad. We moved forward with the style in the centre.

Further digital explorations, trying different ways to include a curl or swash of some kind. We wanted to evoke the curve of a croissant without being too cutesy or on-the-nose.

Making smaller changes and refinements to the logo, playing with letter weights and sizes. We ended up switching to a lowercase ‘c’ for better balance/personality.

Making even smaller changes! The ‘c’ was a letter we specifically took a lot of time workshopping— breaking normal letter height rules, we ended up making it taller than the ‘o’ and ‘s’, as it was optically appearing shorter.