Buena Mierda

This new wine label by Red Wax Wines, was described to me as “the flavours of Mendoza, Argentina, filtered through a uniquely Australian sensibility”. For this reason, I chose to name it Buena Mierda, which translates to “good shit” in Spanish.

The visual look of the brand was designed to stand out with its rough, laidback style and classic Argentinian colours, while also avoiding stereotypical “fancy wine label” clichés. The icon features a wine glass, double okay hands, a sun, and 32 dots (which both fill in the space and represent the 32 rays of the Sol de Mayo on Argentina’s flag). It also has a slight religious undertone, with the arch and Eucharist-esque symbols, which adds to the cheekiness of it being called “Good Shit”.

Visit the website I created for them here.