Photo courtesy of  Humaan .

Photo courtesy of Humaan.

Humaan Type Murals

In early January 2016, I was lucky enough to be invited to create a couple of type murals for Humaan's new home base on William Street. The first mural (seen above) was for their brand new initiative: The Perth Device Lab. Open to the community, it's a free space for locals to come in and test their digital products on a growing range of mobile devices, simulators, and virtual machines. The second mural sits in their entrance hallway, as a daily reminder of the key pillars behind good design.

Jay and the team were a delight to work with, and I'm super happy with the final result (mostly because my huge fear of spilling yellow paint absolutely everywhere didn't happen— slow and steady and reeeeal careful guys!). Below is a timelapse and some pics of the final products. Thanks Humaan!