Editorial Satiricals

A series of twelve covers for fictional publication Magazine Monthly. I started this project as a way to explore new lettering styles, refine my current skillset and create a selection of work that could help me get hired for editorial work. I also used it as a way to make dumb, poorly constructed jokes! Each issue is a parody of your usual magazine cover fair— end of year lists, gift guides, relationship advice, and even my own version of the annual Forbes Rich List.

I’m gradually uploading them all through the month of January, so stop by throughout to see what’s new (or follow along on Instagram)!


Issue #1: The New Year Issue

Issue #2: The Relationship Issue

Issue #3: The Business Issue

Issue #4: The Weed Issue

Issue #4: Do You Have Some Weed or Know Someone That Does? I’m Asking For a Friend and I’m Not a Cop lol

Issue #5: The Top 50 Issue

Issue #6: The Sports Issue

Issue #7:  The Winter Issue

Issue #7: The Winter Issue

Issue #8:  The Beauty Issue

Issue #8: The Beauty Issue